" The course gave me the time and the opportunity to
   explore. "
" I feel my foundations have changed, my previous ones
   were insufficient. "

" I have more earth connection now than before the course. "
" I got these tools about building a character. "

" I felt the course was open and organic. "
" I have got so many tools to help me. "
" It gave me so much help and courage. "
" There´s not this wall any more. "

" It's really lovely that you give so much.   The course is incredibly releasing.   There's so much good energy."

" I´ve learned to use sensory imagination to help calm me. "
" I´ve learned a way to prepare for the reality of audition. "

" The basic skills and techniques are so simple and can make
   such a diffrence. "

" I like the balance between activity and learning. "
" I like that there are no judgements right or wrong and that
   we can experiment. "
" I have a greater awareness of the very essential work of 
   being on stage. "

" I had an experience of getting immediate results. "

" I found the ´inner critic´work very good and can use it
   in practice. "

" I was able to get rid of my nerves completely.
  I wouldn´t have believed it possible. "

" As a teacher myself, I think this is a very good and honest
  way to open up students to their own possibilites.
  It encourages everyone to feel the truth in themselves. "

" Marvellous. You are a very inspiring person.
  I got the kick in the butt I wanted.
  Very inspiring, all of it. "

" The course was very exciting. You make it very easy to
   enter this new world. "

" An inspirational tour de force in dealing with your habits,
   expression and intimacy with an audience. "

" I went a lot further than I expected, I am very grateful. "

" Thank you so much for this wonderful course. You get the
   best out of everybody; you see possibilities instead of limits.
   You seem to love people and they feel safe.
   That is how it should always be. Thanks. "

" The basic skills and techniques are so simple and can make 
   such a difference "

" I got a lot out of it. It´s been inspiring. "

"Life changing"