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Mrs. Anne Aaen Hall

Website 28. Oct, 2010


Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.

Website 22. Apr, 2010


Nice website! Tanya

Website 24. Sep, 2007

Comes Uomo

Really nice site, i love this graphic... maybe any music loops?

Website 21. Jun, 2007


hi, greetings from Denmark. Great website :)

Website 3. Dec, 2006

Bill MacSems

Dear Michel, Thank you for allowing me to compose the music to your libretto, Infidel. I truly, enjoyed the experience. Although we have not met, face to face, I feel that we have built a warm friendship. If my wishes had the power, your health would be in A1 condition.
I do wish you the best happiness and health,
Bill <acSems

Website 1. Oct, 2006

Nigel and Wendy

Great web site Michael, get well soon - we're missing your quality company and wine!

Website 24. Sep, 2005

Anne Aaen

The website looks great with all the updates and photos, thank you so much for writing the ICON piece for me, happy to tell you that the premiere at the concert hall of the Danish National Radio House January 05 was a huge succes and I got many fine comments on both music and text, thank you so much ... Best Anne

Website 21. Mar, 2005

Bente Kure and Leif Ernstsen

Dear Michael.
Great website - congratulations with that. We will imidiately pass the link on to all the relevant people we can think of. And put it on our own website as soon as we get it updated. Hope that life treats you good and that we will see each other soon.
Love from Bente and Leif.

25. Feb, 2005


Thank You for a fantastic course you are so inspiring to work with ..