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Michael Hall Librettist

Michael Hall , sadly died in January 07, though many of his librettis are taken and going up all over the world , there are still some avalible to be set to music , and it was my husband wish and intend that more than one composer could use his librettos and texts so ,
if you are a composer and  would like to read some please send a email through the contact link
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News August 2021

In progress Boudicca with my late husbands words set to music by danish composer John Frandsen, is being rehearsed for performance om Danmark october 2021


News Feb 2009 -

World Premiere of new opera by Michael Hall and composer Sigmund Lillebjerka , ´saturn rings ´takes place in Norway 29 January 09 - follow this link


 for fresh article and below is a translation in English of the  article about the composer Sigmund Lillebjerka

sincerely Anne Aaen Hall

I am looking forward to the premiere. The text/ libretto is marvelous and well suited for premiere in a smaller format like this, says the experienced composer

The newly written chamber opera ´Saturn rings ´ is written by English Michael Hall, This is the third time Sigmund Lillebjerka writes music to the now departed Halls texts

Skilfull Vefsn – musicians    In this piece it is the Fausta motive hat re occurs, greed, wealth, and the inventible fall.  It was nearly as if he predicted the financial crisis with this piece , smiles Lillebjerka

Thus making the music more dramatic?

You can say that. It is not practically modern, but I guess it lies in-between

This is not the first time LIllebjerka has premiered works of his on Helgeland .  On several occasions has he written music especially for the Vefsn ensemble? Many people remember his work ´Efterklanger av Hr Ptter ´which was a commissioned work by the Vefsn ensemble in conjunction with Petter Dass days in Alstauhagu in 1995

Vefsn – ensemble and I hold a very good collaboration together - It is well driven and has competent musicians. They would probably wish for more people, but that is a matter of finance, says he.

Working with his son

Lillebjerka is mainly self thought as a composer, but has made private studies with a number of composers, amongst others, Per Hjort Albertsen, Sigurd BErge, Bjørn Kruse and Olav Anton Thommessen .He is a member of the Norwegian composers union and has received several prices. Amongst others, first and second price in the composer competition NRK, and third price from Sør – Troms and Vesterålens school music, Bodø´s town’s cultural price and ILIOS Price from the ILIOS festival in Harstad. His music is being performed in a row of big festivals both in Norway and on the international sceneBut now he is back in Mosjøen, where he gets to see his son Sveinung Lillebjerka conduct the musicians under the premiere performance of Saturn Ring,  Sveingug and I have a fine working relationship; He commutes between Bodø, Trondheim and Bodø and lives home with me when he is in Bodø. Both are taken by music , so we pass time easily , smiles >Lillebjerka senior

Won’t give in

He can look back on several hundred productions and a long merit file. But the ever youthful composer has not plans of retirement yet.  I have not written as much as wanted the last couple of years, but still got plans for new things Now I want to write music for yet another opera of Michael Hall , which evolves around the fascinating story of Dyveke Sigbrittsdatter , the lover to King Christian the “ of Denmark / Norway , a Fascinating piece

You have s strong relationship with opera?

I like opera a lot, but it is difficult to write music to it. For musicians you can write nearly anything, but here I have to think of the singers. It cannot be too complicated 

 How do you prepare yourself for a premiere of your own works

I probably won’t do anything special. But I will probably dress up …, he says smiling

 Saturn Rings has premiere in Mosjøen cultural house tomorrow Tuesday..




News Dec 2006 !!!

England 26 December 2006.
Exciting article about the collaboration between composer Bruce Wolosoff (NY) & Michael Hall's new opera ' Madimi' on the centre for contemporary operas web site.
Take this link http://www.conopera.org/
 and go under : Opera Today 

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